2-M Hover Tanks are heavily armored vehicles specialized in destroying turrets. They deal standard damage, although multiple adjacent walls can be damaged when the tank targets one.

Strategy Edit

Offensive Edit

Hover tanks are great at their job, but can suffer from Rocket Turrets, so be sure to screen them with for example Phase II Dark Troopers. A decent troop combination is the Elite AT-AT, two or three of these tanks and some AT-STs, (Heavy) Stormtroopers or other general purpose units (you could include a second AT-AT if you want to). You can also include an AT-Hauler and drop it inside a base to distract turrets while other units clear them

Defensive Edit

Hover tanks are not very great at defense. In Heroic Defense you could profit from the fact the AT-Hauler starship drops two of these on low levels, and sometimes that works, but most of the time you are better of with VT-49's, TIE Strikers or high(er) level AT-Haulers dropping one AT-AT

Level Damage per Second Health Training Cost Training Time Research Cost Research Lab Level Required Research Time
4 1120 22400 1100 6m
5 1260 25200 1300 6m 15s 35000 5 20h
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