"The ultimate symbol of Imperial mechanized power, the AT-AT provides incredible firepower to the battlefield. Being large and slow, it is vulnerable to starship strikes and Rocket Turrets"
~In-game description of AT-AT

The AT-AT is one of two Destroyer class vehicles available to the Empire. It provides incredible firepower to any corner of the battlefield. However, it is large and slow and can be taken out by starship strikes and Rocket turrets if not defended.

Strategy Edit

Offensive Edit

On lower levels, the AT-AT isn't as effective as you would think. It takes so much space in the Unit Transport (30!) that you don't have a lot of space left for other troops. The Elite AT-AT keeps those slots free

Level Damage per Second Health Movement speed Training Cost Training Time Research Cost Research Lab Level Required Research Time
1 1,600 22,000 10 1,500 3m 30s N/A N/A N/A
2 1,920 26,000 10 2,100 3m 40s 5,000 3h
3 2,240 30,800 10 2,700 3m 50s 10,000 8h
4 2,560 35,200 10 3,300 4m 00s 20,000 1d
5 2.880 39,600 10 3,900 4m 10s 50,000 3d
6 3,200 44,000 10 4,500 4m 20s 135,000 5d
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