A relatively new walker design, the AT-MP has only recently been entered into general service. it fires salvos of missiles that can devastate almost any target, but the machine itself is clumsy to move and easily overwhelmed by infantry and volley of fire tactics.

Strategy Edit

Offense Edit

The AT-MP employs the same tactic, as the AT-AT, moreso a cheaper alternative. Priorising shield generators before moving onto attacking anything nearby.

It fires its missiles in successive burts, making it particularly useful in destroying enemy turrets and vehicles but its unwieldly nature gives it a hard time versus infantry, particularly anti-vehicle.

Defending it with your own stormtroops will help it venture near to its objective but be wary as its shorter range puts it more at risk of getting into range of base defenses as it does so.

Defense Edit

The AT-MP makes a faster and better alternative to the AT-AT, when hunting vehicle targets, but much like on the offense, it will go down pretty quick when the enemy has deployed enemy troops.

There is no particular strategical favour, as it can only be deployed from the Squad Center, but attackers should consider Sniper Troopers to bring down these walkers fast before they cause too much mechanical carnage on mechanised troops.

Level Damage per Second Health Training Cost Training Time Research Cost Research Lab Level Required Research Time
1 1800 6000 750 3m 30s
2 2160 7200 1050 3m 40s 2
3 2521 8400 1350 3m 50s 10000 3 2h 30m
4 2880 9600 1650 4m 20000 4 7h
5 3241 10800 1950 4m 10s 50000 5 20h
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