"This specialized modification of the standard AT-MP was designed to take out shields with a devastating volley of missiles. It differs from the standard unit in that it will target turrets in its way, but unfortunately, has similarly light armor, so protect it well."
~In-game description of AT-MP Mark III

The AT-MP Mark III is a modified AT-MP Hero. It's similar to the normal one, but targets turrets first. Being similar also means it can be destroyed almost as easy as the regular unit, so it needs protection

Strategy Edit

Offensive Edit

A surprisingly good hero unit, the AT-MP Mark III if carefully positioned and supported with repair droids can systematically rip through the turrets of a base while your standard units do the general damage. At equal levels nothing short of a large number of Rocket Turrets are any real threat to it if it has Repair Droid support. Its range greatly helps prevent a swarm of turrets from hitting it while it's attacking any specific one, greatly improving its survivability. And given that you can only launch one hero in any one attack, this one is well worth considering.

Defensive Edit

On the defense such as with Heroic Defense, the AT-MP Mark III can be very effective provided you can keep it alive. Anti vehicle and anti hero units are the main things to be concerned about; the Anti-Vehicle Skiff and Rebel Sniper in particular. Similar to the Elite AT-AT, if possible (if your Hero Command isn't being targeted by a first-drop unit), in the first Heroic Defense stage try to wait until the first two main troop drop waves have landed before you land this one. One particular effective tactic is to land the AT-MP Mark III and the Elite AT-AT right on top of each other so they go for the same targets, and therefore if any Skiffs or Snipers are present and target them they will concentrate their firepower to hopefully drop the Skiffs and snipers quickly one by one before they themselves die.

Level Damage / Second Health Training Cost Training Time Research Cost Research Lab Level Research Time
1 1800 24000 1000 3m 30s N/A N/A N/A
2 2160 28800 1400 3m 40s 5000 2 1h 30m
3 2520 33600 1800 3m 50s 10000 3 3h
4 2880 38400 2200 4m 20000 4 8h
5 3240 43200 2600 4m 10s 50000 5 1d
6 3600 48000 3000 4m 20s 6
7 3960 52800 3400 4m 30s 7
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