These stilt-legged scout vehicles are workhorses, useful for a wide variety of missions.

Strategy Edit

AT-STs are an ideal unit to deploy amongst infantry rushes, supplementing them with heavier firepower. They're also well suited at being the vanguard for more powerful and specialised units, such as the AT-AT, to help contend with the defenses and defenders; Then utilising their speed to clean out the rest of the base, if the attacker is gunning for a three-star attack, after the specialists have done their job.

However, their short range puts them in the firing range of many defenses, especially Rocket and Burst Turrets, putting a lone walker out of commission. Having a pack of AT-STs will help take them out before too many are lost.

On the Defense, AT-STs are one of the most useful infantry hunters; Pounding infantry rushes with higher speed than their slower firing cousin, the AT-DP. It'll take an Anti-Vehicle Skiff to prevent these walkers from pulverising a hopeful rebel infantry rush.
Class Favorite Target Damage Type Unit Capacity

Factory Level Required

Generalist Closest Standard 10 2
Level Damage per Second Health Movement Speed Training Cost Training Time Research Cost Research Lab Level Required Research Time
1 800 9,000 3 500 3m 30s N/A N/A N/A
2 960 10,800 3 700 3m 40s 3,000 2 1h
3 1,120 11,200 3 900 3m 50s 6,000 3 2h 30m
4 1,280 12800 3 1,100 4m 15,000 4 7h
5 1,440 14,400 3 1,300 4m 10s 35,000 5 20h
6 1,600 16,000 3 1,500 4m 20s 115,000 6 2d 12h
7 1,760 17,600 3 1,700 4m 30s 200,000 7 4d
8 1,920 19,200 3 2,000 4m 40s 385,000 8 6d
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