• Fan26

    Archive Outline

    September 6, 2018 by Fan26

    The purpose of this blog post is to outline my initial idea for how the archive should work. If anyone has any suggestions, I'll take them into account.

    I'm thinking we create a page for each situation (story missions, campaigns, post-choice tutorials) and then divide the page with a tabber for rebels and empire. Most of the dialogue is basically the same with a few minor tweaks depending on faction (Jennica calls you "agent while Kosh calls you "operative", etc), but I still think this is best for completeness. If anyone from wookieepedia wishes to join, comment here or the discussions thread.

    After we get most of this done, I hope to create WookieeProject:Commander as well-just thought that might be somewhat relevant.

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  • TheTUX

    Hey there guys!

    So with the game just being out, now's the time to build and grow, this is a shout-out to the founder to add some basic funtionality such as user groups that people can add to (imps /  rebs?), as well as making a couple people admin so that we can make a start on a nice layout!

    Hope to hear from some of you guys soon!

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  • BroKnee455

    New Wiki

    August 27, 2014 by BroKnee455

    Hello all editors here! I am new here, and I have a few suggestions! I suggest adding a chat, so the players can discuss future plans ect. I recently started playing the game, and I am hooked. It would be better if the wikia theme, or art, was in accordance with the game, colors, pictures, something like that. This is all I have to say, and I hope to get to know everyone!

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