The Elite AT-AT is an AT-AT with thicker armor plating and heavier laser cannons. It is piloted by an elite crew pulled from the best vehicle crews in the Empire.

Strategy Edit

Offensive Edit

With a very high health, excellent damage, long range and the ability to shoot over walls, the Elite AT-AT is a slow but powerful juggernaut at least on paper. In practice, however, it has a key problem on an attack: the Shield Generator targeting preference. If any generators are on the enemy base it will lumber along in a straight line towards them only shooting at buildings directly in its movement path, completely ignoring the nearby turrets putting holes in it as it does so. The unfortunate result is that it frequently gets destroyed before it has done very much if more than a single shield generator is present on the base.

Defensive Edit

On the defense (such as in a Heroic Defense event) it does have good damage output but its speed is crippling; in order for it to be able to get to multiple enemy units you will likely have to land it close to a dense cluster of them, who could therefore concentrate fire on it to destroy it far too quickly. If you do intend to use it, try to land it in a way that it will move into the middle of your densest base cluster around the HQ firing outward at approaching units. This way it will hopefully last long enough to do some real damage.

Level Damage per second Health Mobiliation cost Mobilization time Research cost Research Lab lvl req. Research time
1 1,800 24,000 1,000 3m 30s N/A N/A N/A
2 2,161 28,800 1,400 3m 40s 5,000 2 1h 30m
3 2,521 33,600 1,800 3m 50s 10,000 3 3h
4 2,880 38,000 2,200 4m 20,000 4 8h
5 3,240 43,200 2,600 4m 10s 50,000 5 1d
6 3,601 48,000 3,000 4m 20s 135,000 6 3d
7 3,961 52,800 3,400 4m 30s 225,000 7 5d
8 4,320 57,600 3,800 4m 40s 450,000 8 1w
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