Note: This article is about the Rebel unit. You may be looking for the Imperial Heavy Stormtrooper with a similar name.

"Heavy Soldiers carry rapid fire blasters, capable of inflicting devastating damage, particularly to shields. In order to maintain mobility, they wear lighter armor, so screen them with more durable units."
~In-game description of Heavy Soldier

Summary Edit

Heavy Soldiers are generalists that use rapid fire blasters to destroy targets closest to them. They deal large amounts of damage, particularly to a base's shields. However, they do not wear thick armor and should follow more durable units.

Tactical Analysis Edit

Nearly identical to the Empire version Heavy Stormtrooper, the Heavy Soldier is far, far more dangerous because of its ability to be healed by the Medic Droid. It has a very dangerous combination of size, damage, range and health, allowing it to withstand the normally lethal-to-infantry Mortar Turret shots and endure through massive sections of the base because of healing. A large number of these backed up by medic droids can do quite crushing damage to an enemy base.

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