There are 5 planets in Commander

Tattooine - very hot and dry- Units adapted to planet bantha rider availability - rebels dewback rider availability - empire sandtrooper - availability - empire Rebel sandtrooper - availability -rebel  hoth - very cold - units adapted to planet snowtrooper - availability empire Probe Droid - availability empire Yavin 4 - isolated and may find ruins Adapted units Probe Droid-availability empire Vader - Hero- availability -empire Johnnar Kessin - Hero- availability empire +rebels Takodanna - Goldilocks planet- Adapted units Stormtrooper -availability empire Probe Droid-availability empire Vader -hero- availability empire Rebel trooper -availability rebels

Dandoran - Goldilocks planet Adapted units

Probe Droid-availability empire

Rebel trooper - availability rebels

All the planets!

May the force be with you!