"These Alliance foot soldiers are armed only with a standard blaster rifle and their fierce determination to restore freedom to the galaxy. In combat they are generalists, best used in large numbers."
~In-game description of Rebel Soldier

Rebel Soldiers are the most basic units for Rebel players. They can be used for almost any target

Strategy Edit

Offensive Edit

On their own, they have no specific strengths and attack targets closest to them. However, a large group of Rebel Soldiers can be a formidable force. They are great in large numbers, but are extremely vulnerable to mortar turrets.

Defensive Edit

Rebel Soldiers are as basic in defense as they are in offense. They can kill light troops on their own, but in groups they can take on bruisers and vehicles as well. Speeder Bikes, Probe Droids and Sniper Troopers can kill them easily though


Level Damage per Second Health Training Cost Training Time Research Cost Research Lab Level Required Research Time
1 101 1000 50 20s N/A N/A N/A
2 362 1560 70 22s 2 30m
3 390 1,680 90 23s 3
4 445 1,920 110 24s 12,500 4
5 130 25s 25,000 5 8h 0m
6 150 26s 100,000 6 1d 0h
7 612 2,640 170 27 7
8 668 2,880 200 28 320,000 8
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