Lightly armored Scout Troopers are expert marksmen trained in reconnaissance and infiltration and are most effective at attacking resource buildings.

Tactical Analysis Edit

With less damage output, less health and less range than Stormtroopers the Scout Trooper is unfortunately a very ineffective unit in comparison to its equal-size counterpart. Its low health gets it killed quickly, its low range gets a much larger number of turrets firing at it to kill it quickly, its lower damage doesn't let it kill stuff as quickly as the Stormtrooper and its forced resource-building targeting frequently has it try to run clean across a base getting ripped into by multiple turrets...getting it killed quickly. Ultimately they die far too fast before they've done enough damage themselves.

Level Damage / Second Health Training Cost Training Time Research Cost Research Lab Level Research Time
1 100 800 50 21s N/A N/A N/A
2 120 22s
3 140 1120 23s
4 160 1280 110 24s 12500 4 3h 30m
5 180 1440 130 25s 25000 5 8h
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