Note: This article covers Rebel Speeder Bikes. You may be looking for the Imperial Speeder Bike.

"Speeder Bikes are very fast and see widespread deployment in ground forces. Because of their light armor, they're an easy target when stationary, making them best suited to anti-infantry operations."
~In-game description of Speeder Bike (Rebellion)

Summary Edit

Speeder Bikes are vehicles that are fast and lightly armored. They are best suited for attacking enemy infantry or undefended buildings since they are very vulnerable when they aren't moving due to their lack of armor.

Statistics Edit

Level Damage per Second Health Training Cost Training Time Research Cost Research Lab Level Required Research Time
4 960 9600 660 1m 12s
5 1080 10800 780 1m 15s 35,000 5 10h
7 1,460 14,210 850 2m 42s 7
8 1,520 15,360 1,000 2m 48s 350,000 8
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