• For some reason, this is the only message wall I can add a post to. It's Brooks Starkilr here, just had a wave of nostalgia and found you on here. Gosh, it's been nearly six years since I've talked to you. A really hope you get a chance to reply - catching up would mean the world to me.

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    • Hi Brooks,

      Nice to hear from you again! I'm not sure why I didn't get a notification for your message, which is why I did not see it earlier.

      I'm now mostly active on the Developer's Wiki  and my test wiki creating JavaScript/CSS "add-ons" for wikis.

      I'm not sure if you've heard of CWAEmu, but there is an emulator in the works at I am currently a tester for the closed alpha, which was released two days ago. (There is a version that everyone can download, but it doesn't have multiplayer like alpha does.) There is also a Discord server , which is probably the best place to get updates.

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