Troops are used to play Chapters, Campaigns or against other players to win Medals, loot like Credits and Alloy. During campains additional Points can be won to unlock troops or trade for troops, credits or alloy.

Troops are created in Barracks and are stored in Unit Transports. Currently there are eight different types of normal troops that require Credits to train. Besides normal troops, you can create Vehicles in the Factory and train Hero troops in the Hero Command.

Troops, Vehicles and Heroes can be upgraded in the Research Lab.

As troops, Vehicles and Heroes are upgraded they become more powerful, but also cost more Credits to train.

Troops Stormtrooper, Phase II Dark Trooper, Scout Trooper, Dewback Trooper, Repair Droid, Heavy Stormtrooper, Sniper Trooper, Shock Trooper (Campaign reward required)
Vehicles Speeder Bike, AT-ST Walker, 2-M Hover Tank, AT-MP, AT-AT, Probe Droid, Mobile Heavy Cannon
Heroes Veteran AT-ST, AT-MP Mark III, Elite AT-AT
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