The experimental AT-ST Mark III is a faster more durable variant of the walker that mounts twin heavy laser cannons and is piloted by a veteran walker crew. It excels at taking out all kinds of targets, and is somewhat more durable then a standard AT-ST due to its more advanced armor.

Strategy Edit

Offensive Edit

The first Hero unit available to the Empire, the Veteran AT-ST is a fairly decent general scrapper with quite good damage output compared to other heroes. It is, however, a bit on the fragile side and needs definite Repair Droid support especially when expected to get through more than a couple of Rocket Turrets. Massed defending infantry like the Rebel Soldier can also be a problem; it has excellent damage output once its weapons are firing but they have a very brief delay before they fire when the AT-ST has locked onto a target. This happens every time it switches targets, so against a mass of infantry its damage output is painfully decreased and its lighter armor (compared to other Heroes) can get easily overwhelmed by this. Be very careful around Command Centers.

Defensive Edit

On the defense such as with a Heroic Defense this unit is also quite long as you can keep it alive. The Anti-Vehicle Skiff and long range snipers are particularly dangerous to it. If at all possible provided a first-launched enemy unit isn't immediately targeting your Hero Command, in the first stage of Heroic Defense try to wait long enough for the first two main troop drop waves to land so you can see what is being fielded, and then land the Veteran AT-ST so that the vehicle-hero-killing Skiffs and Snipers will target it but be forced to run through/around a large number of your turrets and traps to get to it, hopefully dying in the process.

Level Damage / Second Health Training Cost Training Time Research Cost Research Lab Level Research Time
1 3000 16000 1000 3m 30s
2 3600 19200 1400 3m 40s 5000 2
3 4200 22400 1800 3m 50s 10000 3
4 4800 25600 2200 4m 20000 4 7h
5 5400 28800 2600 4m 10s 50000 5
6 6000 32000 3000 4m 20s 6
7 6600 35200 3400 4m 30s 7
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